Office furniture pre-sale, sale, after-sales service commitment

Pre-sale Service

1、 To help buyers do the furniture needs analysis, with the furniture designer with the actual development of a complete demand program.
2、 with the relevant departments of the plant in close cooperation with the full consideration of the buyer in the performance of furniture performance requirements, accounting products reasonable price.
3、 To provide professional technical advisory services.
4、 To provide timely inspection of the reception and a variety of convenient conditions.
5、 The selection of professional and technical personnel, business personnel for technical exchanges, technical communication, for customers in a timely manner to provide product performance, characteristics, program design drawings, and various parameters, and actively cooperate with customers choose products.

The Sale Of Services

1、In the shortest time after the signing of the contract, I will submit the contract product design, manufacture, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, testing, operation and maintenance of the standard list to the buyer to confirm.
2、After the signing of the contract sent to engage in years of professional design staff for product design work.
3、In time to provide the buyer with all the technical information and drawings, invite the buyer to participate in the design review of the supplier.
4、For the buyer to buy the contract with the product of the entire set of equipment, the factory will take the initiative to provide equipment to meet the technical requirements and information.
5、I plant in the technical design, optimize the design, excellence, with the buyer in close cooperation to ensure the smooth development of the design work. If the buyer needs to change, the use of units have special needs, I plant will fully meet their requirements, and try every means to coordinate with all aspects of good relations of cooperation.
6、The product manufacturing process in the quality defects in a timely manner to the buyer and supervisors informed, do not hide.
7、In the manufacturing process, we will fully cooperate with the arrangements for inspection drawings, product supervision, inspection and acceptance of various stages of work, so that all products before shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner.
8、Product manufacturing, materials and product testing, testing, follow the relevant standards to implement, do a good job routine inspection.
9、Inspection and acceptance - factory acceptance. The factory shall complete the manufacture, inspection / test of the contracted product before leaving the factory. After all the information is prepared, the buyer can go to the factory for product acceptance.
10、The contracted products factory acceptance, the factory in accordance with the contract and the relevant packaging in the relevant technical requirements and related documents, the corresponding national standards for packaging, packaging should ensure that the contract products in the transport and storage process to keep the equipment in the Good quality status, and a moisture, mildew, rain, rust, corrosion, vibration, anti-shock, anti-pollution and other measures.
11、In the contract period, the factory will be in accordance with the needs of the buyer in time with the contract products related to the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and safety and quality inspection and other appropriate technical guidance, technical cooperation and other services.
12、The warranty period, I plant will provide free spare parts, special tools and parts to be replaced during the life.

After-sales Service

1、Luoyang Fenglong Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has experienced technical after-sales staff, able to respond quickly, and provide 7 × 24 full response service.
2、Special commitment to provide 1 year free after-sale quality assurance services for our products to provide life-long paid services, according to the most preferential prices to provide spare parts.